How to apply?

Submit an application to the Building Inspection Section of the Development Review Center with a complete description of the work you propose.  Along with the application you must submit four complete sets of plans which includes:

  • A plot plan showing the location of the proposed tank and any utilities or containment dikes which may be a part of the installation of the fuel storage tank.  All existing and proposed structures located on this property must be shown on your plot plan.  Distances from the fuel dispensing tanks to property lines and any structures must also be included.
  • If a dispensing device, which is not an integral part of the tank, is to be used, the dispenser must also be shown on the plot plan with all piping and electrical connections shown.
  • A foundation plan, indicating how this tank will be supported will also be required as well as details on how the tank will be connected to the foundation.
  • Any additional details necessary to complete an accurate evaluation of the application and plans (containment dike designs, etc.) will be required for a complete application.
What fees must I pay?

You must pay a filing fee, micro filming fee, building permit fees, fire permit fees, health department, and planning fees. 

Permit fees for building permits are determined by the valuation of the work. Valuation includes the cost of materials and the cost of labor. Regardless of whether you are doing the work yourself, reasonable labor costs must be included in your valuation. Other fees are based on fixed fees. A Permit Technician can advise you of what the current fee schedule is.

Planning fees vary, depending on the permit or exemption that is required.

Environmental Health fees are based on the size of the tank to be installed.

For more information on our fees, please see our fees page.

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