Subsidy standards determine the appropriate number of bedrooms needed for eligible families of different sizes. The family unit size number is entered on the voucher issued to the family. The family/household members will incur the additional cost for any bedroom(s) above the allocated unit size.

HACSM does not determine where family members may sleep or who shares a bedroom or other room in the home. The following requirements apply when HACSM determines family unit size:

  • The subsidy standards will provide for the smallest number of bedrooms needed to house a family without overcrowding.
  • The subsidy standards will be consistent with space requirements under the housing quality standards.
  • The subsidy standards will be applied consistently for all families of like size and composition.

In issuing vouchers, HACSM will use the following guidelines:

  • Head of household and spouse, co-head, or partner will be issued one bedroom.
  • All remaining family members will be issued one bedroom per two family members regardless of gender, age, or relationship of these family members.
  • Live-in aides will generally be assigned one bedroom. No additional bedrooms will be assigned for the live-in aide’s family (if applicable).