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You can contact Project Sentinel if you have any Landlord/Tenant questions in the County of San Mateo.  

Toll Free Phone Number:  (800) 339-6043
Phone Number: (650) 321-6291
Fax Number: (650) 321-4173
Website: housing.org
E-mail: info@housing.org

In 2001, the County of San Mateo created a Landlord and Tenant Information and Referral Collaborative. It was a partnership of nonprofit and public entities (including Project Sentinel) which operated cooperatively to provide a range of services addressing landlord and tenant concerns and issues in San Mateo County. 

In October of 2014, the County Board of Supervisors requested that a group of County staff from various departments, including the Department of Housing, research ways the County could address the affordable housing crisis.  A White Paper titled "Affordable Housing: Preventing Displacement and Promoting Affordable Housing in San Mateo County" was prepared in response to that request.  One of the measures that came out of that White Paper was titled "Landlord and Tenant's Rights Education".  The follow-up action on that measure was to put out an RFP to select a vendor to provide Landlord and Tenant Information and Referral Services to mirror what the Collaborative tried to put into place back in 2001.  

Project Sentinel is a non-profit organization. Their primary function is to assist individuals with housing problems such as discrimination, mortgage foreclosure & delinquency, rental issues including repairs, deposits, privacy, dispute resolution, home buyer education, post purchase education and reverse mortgages.  Project Sentinel has offices located in Fremont, Gilroy, Modesto, Redwood City, Milpitas, Sacramento and Santa Clara.