Thursday, Feb 22, 2024
  • The Department of Housing maintains the Affordable Housing Dashboard to map and track its impact on affordable housing across San Mateo County.  The Dashboard also provides information on demand for a variety of stakeholders seeking to understand the current state of affordable housing in their specific community.  When a Daly City stakeholder asked for a list of San Mateo County affordable housing projects in the pipeline to receive state and federal tax credits, the DOH Affordable Housing Dashboard revealed how many affordable rental projects were in predevelopment across San Mateo County, compared to Daly City. The Dashboard also provided an immediate opportunity to drill down to the location, the developer, and the number of units of individual projects.  “By sending this housing stakeholder to the online Dashboard,” said Anthony Parenti, DOH Management Analyst and Dashboard data manager, “we provided access to a richer set of information than the was requested.”