Thursday, Jan 25, 2024
  • Starting on January 1, 2024, landlords must consider a housing applicant’s receipt of a government rent subsidy including, for example, a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, when assessing the applicant’s income and ability to pay the rent.  In addition, housing applicants who receive a government rent subsidy must be allowed to provide an alternative to a credit report as a means of proving their ability to pay rent, including, for example, public benefit payments, pay records, and bank statements.

    SB 267 strengthens California’s existing law prohibiting housing discrimination based on source of income and will expand housing opportunities for San Mateo County residents with vouchers from the Housing Authority,” commented Ron Babiera, the Housing Authority of the County of San Mateo’s Rental Housing Manager. The law does not limit the ability of the landlord to request information or documentation to verify employment, to request landlord references, or to verify the identity of a person.