The County of San Mateo’s Below Market Rate (BMR) Program fulfills several key affordable home ownership objectives:

  • Increases purchase capacity for low to moderate-income, homebuyers that either live and/or work in the County of San Mateo;
  • Creates a mechanism which adds permanent affordable housing in unincorporated San Mateo County;
  • Provides the resources and support to assist residents and individuals who work in the County to fulfill their dream of home ownership.

What is a BMR?

A BMR unit us a housing unit that is priced to be affordable to households that are moderate income or below. These housing units are often built by local government, non-profits, or as a requirement of the developer (Inclusionary Affordable Housing Ordinance). As a result, these homes have certain deed restrictions recorded on the property which ensures the home remains affordable for future generations.

How the Program Works

The County of San Mateo Below Market Rate (BMR) Program has been created to provide homeownership opportunities to low-income persons living or working in San Mateo County. The program requires that all interested parties complete and submit an application when a BMR is available. Eligible applicants will be handled on a first-come, first served basis and after determining eligibility will be allowed to move forward with the purchase of the property. If the selected applicant does not purchase the property, the County will select the next applicant on the list.

Eligibility Requirements

  • All applicants must include a Pre-Approval Letter from a lender
  • All applicants must either live and/or work in San Mateo County
    • Primary residence is San Mateo County for a minimum of one year, continuously.
    • Work in San Mateo County a minimum of one year over the last two years. 20 hours per week, minimum average, over the course of the qualifying year.
  • Income Eligibility
    • In order to qualify to purchase a BMR home, the buyer must meet the following income requirement. San Mateo County Income limits for 2021 (80 percent Area Median Income):
      • 1-person household: $102,450
      • 2-person household: $117,100
      • 3-person household: $131,750
  • Applicant must not have owned any real property in the last three calendar years.
  • Applicant’s Household Composition must not exceed State limits: 3-persons for 2-bedroom unit, 4 persons for 3-bedroom unit.
  • Applicant must be able to show mortgage readiness, including having a minimum of 3 percent down-payment.

Applicant Priority

Anyone who meets the income criteria and can qualify for financing may participate to purchase a BMR home. However, priority is given to:

  • Residents living in unincorporated San Mateo County 
  • First-time homebuyers;
  • Section 8 Homebuyer Program participants.

Program Requirements

Please read the program requirements before submitting an application. Please see the attached “Program Description” document.

Current Available Unit (s)

2 -bedroom BMR condominium with Affordability Covenant recorded for 55years

252 5th Avenue
Redwood City, CA  94063

-Minimum household of two, maximum household of three.


-County requires three (3) percent down payment.

Open House

To minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus, no open houses will be conducted. Additional details about the property is available in the attached PDFs, “Flyer” and “RWC BMR”.

Virtual Tour: CLICK HERE

As a reminder, as there are no open houses, please do not, under any circumstance, contact or disturb the current property owner.

Applications Will Be Accepted until the available unit is purchased.

See documents below including a document entitled "Before You Apply".

To minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus, applications will only be accepted electronically. At this time, we will not accept paper applications. 

Applications and required documents can be emailed to:

Nila Kim
HCD Specialist

For questions or additional information about the program, please email: