What does “community” mean to you? To the Office of Community Affairs (OCA) it means everything. Our services and projects are all designed with one thing in mind - - ensuring inclusive representation of all residents of San Mateo County. OCA is committed to advancing programs and initiatives that improve the quality of life of County residents; fostering informed, empowered, healthy, and financially stable communities. 

Management Team
  • Outreach Team

    The San Mateo County Office of Community Affairs Outreach Team is dedicated to getting people involved as various projects are considered, developed and implemented. Active participation by all segments of the community will help ensure that the changes that are made are in line with the needs and desires of the people that live, work and play in San Mateo County.  

  • Immigrant Services Team

    Not knowing where to turn for help as an immigrant can be scary. Finding an immigration lawyer, housing, a job and learning the language are among the many challenges that immigrants face in our community. This team is in touch with all of the services and resources available to our valued immigrant community.

  • Middlefield Road Improvement Project Team

    The Business Analyst is the liaison between the County Department of Public Works, the construction team, and the businesses located within the construction corridor o the Middlefield Road Improvement Project.

  • Safe Trailer Parks Team

    The Safe Trailer Parks Program Analyst is the lead point of contact with mobile home parks located within the unincorporated areas of San Mateo County, and manages all communications, addresses potential concerns and helps resolved individual resident situations as needed.