How to apply?

Submit an application to the Building Inspection Section of the Development Review Center. This application will ask you to describe the work you propose. Along with the application, you must provide a floor plan which will show the location of the windows which will be replaced. The floor plan must identify the rooms within the dwelling (e.g. Bedroom, kitchen, bath, living room, etc.).

Dimensions of each window being replaced must also be provided. When indicating the size of the windows, the width is always indicated first and the height second. Example: 3' x 4' indicates the window will be three feet wide and four feet tall. If you are replacing a window with a door, you must provide a switch operated light at this new exit. The light and switch must also be shown on your floor plan. Information indicating conductor type, size and branch circuit over current protection must also be provided.

When structural changes are involved, such as enlarging or reducing an opening you will be required to provide framing details of how you will accomplish this work.

What fees must I pay?

Building permit fees for this type of work are based upon the valuation of the work. Valuation includes the cost of materials and the cost of labor involved. Regardless of whether you are doing the work yourself, reasonable labor costs must be included in your valuation. If minor electrical work is involved, a minimum electrical fee will be required.

Other fees include, a filing fee, a micro filming fee, a plan checking fee (when structural review is required) and Planning Fees if applicable.

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