Regulation of Removal of Significant Trees

The Board of Supervisors finds and declares that the existing and future trees and tree communities located within the County of San Mateo are a valuable and distinctive natural resource. The trees and tree communities of the County augment the economic base through provision of resources for forest products, encouragement of tourism, and enhancement of the living environment. These resources are a major component of both the highly-localized and area-wide environment.

Regulation of Removal of Significant Trees

Regulation of Removal and Trimming of Heritage Trees

San Mateo County is an area of great natural beauty and its outstanding heritage tree population has been and continues to be an invaluable asset in contributing to the economic, environmental, and aesthetic stability of the County and the welfare of its people and of future generations. Irresponsible, wanton, and wholesale destruction of heritage trees could, among other things, diminish such beauty, scientific and historical values, adversely affect the environment, reduce property values, detract from scenic highways, and destroy the County’s recreational economy.

Regulation of the Removal and Trimming of Heritage Trees on Public and Private Property

Trees in the County Right-of-Way

For information about the planting, removal, or trimming of trees in the right-of-way of unincorporated San Mateo County, see the Department of Public Works Trees and Roadside Vegetation webpage.


Interim Significant and Heritage Tree Regulations Amendments

On November 18, 2016 amendments to regulations regarding Significant and Heritage Trees went into effect, implementing tree protection requirements and increased penalties for unauthorized tree removal.... View more