How to apply?

Permits can be applied for either at the Development Review Center or they may also be applied for by mail or FAX. The information that you will need is the address of the property where the work will occur. The legal owner's name, mailing address and telephone number. The contractor's name, address, telephone number and contractor's license number and a description of the work. In order to save time waiting in our office, we would recommend that you use the online permit method. If you are using either the mail-in or fax method, it is not necessary to have a special permit application. You need only submit the information stated above. Payment for mail-in permits must be in the form of a check or credit card (Visa or Master Card). DO NOT MAIL CASH. Checks should be made payable to the County of San Mateo. When using a credit card, you must provide your complete credit card number, the expiration date on your card and a copy of the authorized signature. 

When your permit has been processed by a Permit Technician it will be mailed back to you along with your receipt and a job inspection record.

What fees must I pay?

You must pay Building and filing fees.

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