It is important that an erosion and sediment control plan is effective in preventing illicit discharge. Careful examination of the specific project site during project design to identify potential problems posed by slope, drainage patterns, and soil types is important in preparing an effective erosion and sediment control plan.

Submittal Requirements for a Planning and/or Building Permit
  • Submit five (5) full-size (24” x 36”) identical copies of the erosion and sediment control plans as separate collated sets with the planning and/or building permit application submittal. For projects including those requiring a Grading Permit, separate erosion and sediment control plans are required to show the measures to be implemented at the grading stage (e.g., grading, foundation/retaining walls) and at the construction stage of the project.

The erosion and sediment control plan shall be overlaid on the project grading plan(s) or site plan if there is no grading plan.

Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Requirements
  • The plan shall show what Best Management Practices (BMPs) will be used, when, and where, specific to the project scope, along with the total disturbance area and installation details (see Common Erosion Control Detail sheets below) and notes for the proposed BMPs. Measures include those necessary to delineate areas of work, prevent erosion of unstable or denuded areas, plan for construction staging and storage logistics, construction of stabilized access points, and proper containment measures for construction materials and waste. Please reference the General Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Checklist that will be used by staff to evaluate the plan.
  • Include an anticipated construction schedule and construction duration (in weeks or months).
  • Erosion Control Point of Contact: Include name and contact information for the person responsible for maintaining erosion and sediment control measures throughout the term of the permit on the EC Plan or on the Title Sheet.
  • For projects, including those requiring a Grading Permit, a licensed civil engineer experienced in erosion and sediment control or a certified professional soil erosion and sediment control specialist shall prepare the erosion and sediment control plan.
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans shall comply with all Conditions of Approval of the associated permit(s).
  • Boundary lines of the site.
  • Vicinity of the site in relation to the surrounding adjacent areas.
  • Accurate contours showing the topography of the existing ground extending at least 10 feet outside all boundary lines of the project site. The contour lines shall be at intervals sufficient to show the configuration of the ground before disturbance.
  • The location of all existing buildings, structures, easements, or underground utilities.
  • Location, width, direction of flow and approximate location of top and toes of banks of any watercourses.
  • Location and types of existing vegetation on the site. Within 25 feet of any cut or fill, the plan shall identify the location, diameter, species and appropriate elevation at the base of all trees over 12 inches in diameter (or 6 inches in diameter if project is located in the Emerald Hills area) measured at 4 1/2 feet above average ground level.
  • Areas of the site currently experiencing or susceptible to erosion problems.
  • Existing drainage patterns and direction of flow.
  • Limits of disturbed areas.
  • Areas not to be disturbed and off-limits to construction activity.
  • Location of proposed vegetative erosion control measures (e.g., seeding, landscaping), including type, quantity, planting schedule, and irrigation.
  • Location and details of all proposed drainage systems, walls, cribbing or other erosion protection devices to be constructed in connection with, or as a part of, the proposed work.

Erosion Control (EC) Guidance Packet

Erosion Control (EC) Guidance Packet - Demolition Permits Only

Stormwater Best Management Practice Handbook

Common Construction-Related Pollution Prevention Measures

Concrete Washout

Fiber Rolls

Geotextiles and Mats

Inlet Protection

Silt Fence

Stabilized Construction Entrance


Tree Protection

Requirements for Architectural Copper

Implementation of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

Project erosion and sediment control measures shall be maintained as necessary throughout the duration of the permit to be effective. If significant field changes are made (as may be required by the Building Inspector, changing field conditions, etc.), revised plans must be submitted for approval. The building inspector has the authority to require additional measures at any time and may cancel any requested inspection if any measures are found to be deficient. A Stop Work Notice may be issued pursuant to the County’s Stormwater Enforcement Response Plan until corrections have been made and applicable fees paid for staff enforcement time. The property owner shall demonstrate via building inspection that the site is stabilized, either with adequate erosion control or landscaping, prior to issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.