How to apply?

Apply online via the San Mateo County online permit center. You will need the following project information to complete the application:

  • Number of electrical car charger(s) to be installed
  • Is an electric service upgrade required?
  • Is the existing electrical service 200 amps or greater?
  • Is the EVC (s) freestanding or attached to a building?
  • Number of EV Charger Level 1
  • Number of EV Charger Level 2
  • Number of EV Charger Ready
  • Number of EV Charging Station(s)
  • Zoning 

Additionally, you will need to submit the following required documents:

  • Site Plan 
  • Floor Plan 
  • Single Line Electrical Drawing with Warning Labels 
  • Warning Placard 
  • Electrical Wiring Details 
  • Load Calculations 
  • Roof Attachment Details  
  • Manufacturer Specification, as applicable 

Note: Only (1) document upload per Document Type allowed. Please group documents into single PDFs, if necessary. Please see our Electronic File Submittal Requirements for more information. (maximum file size allowed is 100MB) 

Layers: No multiple layers. Layers must be merged or flattened.
Format: Vector preferred
File Size: 100 MB per file.
Grouping: One multiple-sheet PDF (a single file with multiple sheets) for plan sets that are 100 MB or less. 

What fees must I pay?

Applicable fees, including the application filing fee and electric vehicle charging system fee, will be assessed in the online permit application.

For more information on our fees, please see our fees page.