The San Mateo County Code Compliance Section enforces County zoning, building, and other land use regulations throughout the unincorporated area. This is accomplished by making sure that construction activities and other forms of development such as tree removal have received the necessary County permits and are being carried out in compliance with the terms of permit approvals. It also involves responding to situations where property is being used in a manner that does not comply with zoning requirements, and by addressing public nuisances created by a lack of property maintenance.

The staff of Code Compliance Section is committed to working cooperatively with residents, property owners, and other interested parties to prevent and resolve land use and building violations in a fair and efficient manner. In cases where voluntary compliance cannot be achieved, the Code Compliance section may issue citations, levy fines, and use its authority to abate the problem.

Violation cases by address or parcel number can be reviewed using the Permit Center.

Permit Center

How do I find out if a project has a permit? What is the status of my complaint? Visit the Permit Center.

Permit Center

Compliance Documents
North Fair Oaks Resources for Property Clean-up

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