To obtain a building permit, you must meet the requirements specific to your project by providing completed application forms, plans, and supplementary documents. Review and approval of the project by the Building Inspection Section and other agencies and departments are also required prior to the issuing of the permit.

With a project such as a new single-family dwelling, the applicant may be responsible to provide verification for one or all of the following: a valid Sewer or Individual Sewage Disposal System; Public or Private domestic water supply; Encroachment Permit and/or road improvements, from the County or State of California; Fish and Game Permit (State); Fish and Wildlife Permit (Federal); Army Corp of Engineers (Federal Navigable Waters); Regional Water Quality Control Board (State); Bay Area Air Quality Management District (regional); State Division of Safety of Dams (State of California); Waste Management Plan (Recycleworks – County); School District Impact Fees; Property Deeds; Copies of dedicated easements; Copy of a recorded Intent to Provide Easement document; and a Boundary Survey.

Other projects, such as major and minor additions, alterations, construction of accessory structures, swimming pools, agricultural buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, mini storage buildings, demolition of structures, private schools, residential care facilities; farm labor housing or affordable housing may include the verifications listed above as well as additional requirements which are specific to the use of the structure or property.

Since each project may different slightly or substantially, the applicant must ensure that they have reviewed their project carefully and inquired from staff what their (the applicants) responsibilities will be for their individual permit.

Copies of contact numbers for various agencies and departments are available upon request from Counter Staff or our receptionist.