Tree silhouettes

This game is a fun way to learn some characteristics of different tree species in the Bay Area!

  1. To start, have all players choose three different trees from nature around them and a pose that represents each one. It’s okay if you don’t know the name of the tree, but you will have to come up with distinct poses to set each tree apart from one another.

    For example, if the group chooses a redwood tree, the pose could be reaching your hands high above your head because redwood trees are so tall. This is a time to get creative! Just make sure everyone uses the same pose for the same tree!

  2. One person starts off as the leader and will turn their back to the group. While they are turned each person in the group (including the leader) will think about which tree pose they want to do.

  3. Then the leader will call out “1, 2, 3 Quick Tree”. When the leader says “tree” they will turn around making a pose for the tree of their choice and the rest of the group will make their tree pose at the same time.

  4. Any player that is making the same pose as the leader is out. If you chose a different tree pose then the leader, you get to continue to the next round.

  5. Play until there is only one player left. The game ends when the last player and the leader end up with the same tree pose. The last player will then become the leader for the next round.

This game can be altered to play using animals instead of trees!