Improving Housing, Access to Health Care for Farmworkers
At a Glance

More than 54,000 new jobs have been created in San Mateo County since 2010 while at the same time the County and its 20 cities have added only 2,148 housing units (as of January 2016). This has led to skyrocketing rents and housing prices. Learn what actions the County of San Mateo is taking with local Measure K sales tax funds to tackle what many consider a housing crisis and to help our most vulnerable residents.

Intent on Helping Others, She Found Herself in Need

The Homeless Prevention Assistance Program provides emergency grants to help individuals and families overcome a financial crisis. Learn about the program and how one grant helped a family pay a growing debt.

Construction Begins on St. Leo's Apartments

Construction has begun on St. Leo's apartments, a 15-unit building for families with very low to extremely low incomes located on Marlborough Avenue in North Fair Oaks. The St. Francis Center is developing the apartments with the help of a $1 million grant from the San Mateo County Department of Housing. Learn more.

Improving Housing, Access to Health Care for Farmworkers

San Mateo County has the highest paying technology jobs in the nation. It’s also home to some of the most underprivileged people in California – farm workers. Learn how local sales tax funds are being invested to improve housing for low-income farmworkers and their families and provide access to health care.


Do you want to know where Measure K tax dollars are being invested?
Check out this chart to view each initiative and to see how local funds are supporting local needs in San Mateo County.
Heaters, Refrigerators for Transitional Housing

A one-time grant of $55,000 funded the replacement of aging and inefficient heaters and purchase new refrigerators and freezers at residential treatment programs operated by the Service League, including a home for women with infants. The work was completed in May 2016. Read the staff report and view before-and-after photos.

Dignity, Showers and Laundry for the Homeless

With help from a one-time grant of $50,000 in local sales tax funds (Measure K), Project WeHope, nonprofit organization based in East Palo Alto, purchased a mobile trailer that provides free showers and laundry service to homeless people. Since February 2016 the trailer is stationed twice a week at the Fair Oaks Community Center in Redwood City. Learn more.

Repairs for Family, Veterans Shelters

A one-time grant of $56,925 in Measure K funds to LifeMoves is funding the installation of new water heaters, roof repairs and other work at shelters for families and veterans in Redwood City, East Palo Alto and Menlo Park. Read the staff report and view photos of the work.

New Flooring at First Step for Families Shelter

A one-time grant of $79,000 has funded the removal of "threadbare" carpet and replaced it with durable flooring along with other upgrades at the First Step for Families shelter in San Mateo. The shelter provides emergency and transitional housing for homeless families as well as providing resources, job and housing search assistance, children's services and other support. View photos of the completed work and learn more.