Point-in-Time Homeless Count

San Mateo County regularly coordinates a count of people experiencing homelessness in collaboration with community and County partners. The results from recent counts are below.

Bar graph showing an increase
Interim and Permanent Housing Capacity

In recent years, San Mateo County has taken great strides toward addressing homelessness by increasing shelter and housing resources available using federal, state, and local funding. The chart below shows the Homeless Crisis Response System’s shelter and housing inventory over time by program type as of a point in time each winter.

2022 One Day Homeless Count

The San Mateo County Human Services Agency (HSA), in close collaboration with community partners, conducts the bi-annual One Day Homeless Count and Survey. The purpose of the One Day Homeless Count and Survey is to gather information to help the community understand homelessness in San Mateo County. This is one data set, among others, that provides information for effective planning of services to assist people experiencing homelessness and people at risk of homelessness.