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San Mateo County strives to end homelessness in our community, reaching and maintaining Functional Zero, where every unsheltered homeless person who chooses assistance will be provided interim or permanent housing.  The data presented here is our story of homelessness told through various data sources.

Key Indicators

These are some highlights of the key data that provides a system view of the number of people experiencing homelessness in our community, and those who are residing in interim housing or receiving services on the streets. The ultimate goal to end homelessness is permanent housing, which involves a collective County effort across departments to increase the supply and availability of affordable housing. Additional data can be accessed through the buttons below.

pie chart
Street Services Count
Interim Housing Chart


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Explore our Homeless Data

A critical part of our County and community’s work to address the needs of those experiencing homelessness is to collect multiple sources of data. These data sets help the County assess and analyze needs in order to develop responsive solutions to support households experiencing homelessness with the ultimate goal of ending their homelessness by moving them into stable, permanent housing.

To learn more, use the tiles below to find information about our homeless system and to explore the different data points through interactive data dashboards.

WTEH Progress Infographics Homelessness Over Time Services Snapshot Demographics Snapshot Entries and Exits Homeless Crisis Response System Overview

What is the County of San Mateo doing to make progress towards Ending Homelessness?


In 2022, the County of San Mateo made great progress by preserving housing for households who were at risk of homelessness, increasing interim housing capacity, and remaining focused on expanding affordable, permanent housing opportunities.

Through the work of Our Year of Working Together to End Homelessness an 2023 Action Plan will be developed to track future progress on new and existing strategies.

2022 Homeless Permanent Housing - Chart
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