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The Project Development Unit (PDU) oversees the County’s new ground-up capital projects, managing all project phases, from master planning and feasibility through design, construction, and move-in. The PDU’s goal is excellence in design and delivery of modern civic buildings that are inspiring, functional, cost-effective, attractive, and sustainable.

PDU supports the priorities of the Board of Supervisors and the County Executive's s Office through delivery of new construction projects that respond to identified critical safety, service, and operational needs.

New projects are directed to the PDU by the Board of Supervisors and County Executive’s Office. PDU prioritizes projects based on the needs of the residents of San Mateo County, regulatory requirements, and the County of San Mateo’s Shared Vision 2025. Projects dependent upon each other are prioritized to meet required deadlines.

Through the Board of Supervisors' leadership and commitment to providing County services from safe and healthy buildings focused on accessibility for all, PDU was able to complete the Public Safety Communications' Regional Operations Center (ROC) in September 2019. The importance of this project was made apparent when, six months after opening, the facility became the operations hub for the County's Emergency Operations Center in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The state-of-the-art, LEED certified ROC building still serves as the center of emergency operations for COVID-19 and other emergencies including the CZU Complex wildfires, illustrating the importance of the forethought and financial investment in the County's capital improvement program.

Navigation Center Construction

Navigation Center

building construction

County Office Building 3

County Office Building 3 (COB3)

County Office Building 3 or COB3 is the new cutting-edge home for San Mateo County employees and is located in the heart of historic Redwood City. The nearly 208,000 square foot building is constructed of Mass Timber featuring wood columns, beams, and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) floor decks. The County is proud to construct the first Civic Building in the Country that boasts CLT construction and Net-Zero energy design. The timber frame criterion was selected for structural and environmental benefits as wood dramatically lowers the building's carbon footprint by reducing the reliance on structural steel and concrete. The inherent lightweight nature of wood framing also allows reduction of foundation sizes and most importantly a structure that performs exceptionally well when subjected to lateral seismic loads. There are also four main traditional steel cores in the building which house five elevators, egress stairs, and provide the bulk of the lateral stability for the structure.

As a reflection of the County’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and leading by example, the building will also be designed to be "Net Zero" energy. This means that the COB3 facility, which is designed to house more than 600 employees, will produce 100 percent of the energy to keep the building functioning and operational. The energy production comes from numerous arrays of PV panels located on the roof of COB3 and on the adjacent parking garage. Producing your own energy is only half of the equation and the County has doubled down to ensure that the mechanical and overall performance of the building is world class and incorporates automated roller shades and windows that increase the overall energy efficiency. With all the cutting-edge industry and design efficiency standards used on the project, the goal is to achieve LEED Platinum Certification.

Estimated Completion Date: Q4 2023

County Office Building 3 site aerial view

Aerial view of COB3 site and construction

County Office Building 3 interior rendering

COB3 interior rendering

Board of Supervisors chambers in COB3

Board of Supervisors Chambers in COB3

Project Description FY 2023–24 Adopted FY 2024–25 Projected FY 2025–28 Projected Five-year Total
County Office Building 3 (COB3) $106,440,291 - - $106,440,291


Navigation Center construction

Navigation Center construction

Navigation Center interior courtyard rendering

Navigation Center interior courtyard rendering

Navigation Center

The Navigation Center will provide 240 safe temporary living spaces for individuals and couples along with intensive support services. These services will be designed to help clients find and maintain stable housing.

Two- and three-story rows of prefabricated modular units serve as temporary homes for hundreds of county residents currently living without shelter. Center residents will have access to private bedrooms, most with their own bathrooms, and support services and other recreational amenities including a dog run and barbecue area.

Unlike traditional shelters, the Navigation Center will allow people to have private sleeping quarters, be able to stay with their partner, and bring their pets. In addition to a room and on-site meals, case managers will provide support services to connect clients with employment opportunities, access to health services and an on-site dental clinic, social service benefits, and permanent housing.

Sustainable building features include sustainable building materials such as photovoltaic Panels, EV chargers, green infrastructure, and bicycle parking. The new parking structure contributes to the County of San Mateo’s dedication to advancing equity by providing accessible public space through the implementation of ADA elevators, service counters, and entrances, gender-neutral restrooms, and plentiful accessible public space and outdoor eating areas.

The nonprofit LifeMoves will run the Navigation Center under contract with the County.

Estimated Completion: October 2023

Project Description FY 2023–24 Adopted FY 2024–25 Projected FY 2025–28 Projected Five-year Total
Navigation Center $7,393,442 - - $7,393,442


San Mateo Medical Center Campus (SMMC)

The San Mateo County Health Campus is located at Edison Street between 37th and 39th Avenue in San Mateo. The campus, which is in a residential area, houses the San Mateo Medical Center and other County Health Divisions such as the Coroner’s Office, Department of Public Works, and ISD staff. Among the buildings on site include the San Mateo County Health Services Building, constructed in 1952, and the adjacent Hospital Administration Building, constructed in 1954.

This complex multi-phase project is comprised of demolition of seismically non-complaint 1952 and 1954 buildings, construction of a new 87,000 square-foot Administration and Link Buildings, renovation of approximately 35,000 square feet of existing hospital, reconfiguration of the site entrance, and renewed and revised landscaping. The new building among other administrative programs will also house the new Coroner’s Morgue and Offices and a Public Health Lab.

The new campus contributes to the County of San Mateo’s dedication to advancing equity by providing accessible public space through the implementation of ADA parking stalls and service counters, gender-neutral restrooms, outdoor seating areas, and a public cafeteria. Sustainable design includes green infrastructure through the creation of a bioswale system, EV charging stations, solar panels to offset energy usage, and an enhanced building energy management system with advanced monitoring capabilities.

The project will achieve certified LEED Silver by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Estimated completion: 2024

Rendering of the San Mateo Medical Center Campus (SMMC)

San Mateo Medical Center site rendering

San Mateo Medical Center interior rendering

San Mateo Medical Center interior rendering

Coroner access area at San Mateo Medical Center
Project Description FY 2023-23
FY 204-25
FY 2025-28
San Mateo Medical Center Campus (SMMC) $171,174 $200,000 $100,000 $471,174
San Mateo Medical Center Bond Financing (2018) $50,000,000 $52,640,000 - $102,640,000
Total $50,171,174 $52,840,000 $100,000 $103,111,174

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