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The mission of the Information Services Department (ISD) is to connect employees within the County government and to connect residents to their government. The department strives to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of government and build stronger connections through reliable and secure infrastructure and applications, responsive service delivery, and greater transparency of information.

Based on the combination of:

  • The needs of our residents, particularly in a region as interesting and diverse as ours;
  • The role of the government to provide services to further the public good; and
  • Technology trends and issues in the modern age;

It is imperative that government continually improve by better engaging with its residents, providing services more effectively and efficiently, and by empowering the public to better understand, use, and share information. ISD builds these connections embodied in its capital projects in telephony infrastructure, cybersecurity, and public safety radio infrastructure, among other initiatives.

ISD Staff at North Fair Oaks Clinic

ISD Staff at North Fair Oaks Clinic

County SIP VoIP Transition

ISD provides telephony infrastructure services to the County. The primary objective of this project is to modernize the existing analog voice system by implementing an advanced SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. SIP is a protocol used in VoIP communications, allowing users to make voice and video calls using their computers and mobile devices over the internet. The VoIP solution will improve scalability of services, greater reliability, and the ability to allocate telephone resources. These benefits will enable County Departments to meet community requirements while also supporting mobility and productivity of County staff. 

Estimated completion: September 2025

ISD VoIP equipment in a warehouse

ISD VoIP equipment in the warehouse

ISD Staff with desktop VoIP phones

ISD Staff with VoIP desktop phone equipment

Project Description FY 2023–24 Adopted FY 2024–25 Projected FY 2025–28 Projected Five Year Total
County SIP VoIP Transition


$1,265,864 - $4,568,592


Cybersecurity Upgrades

ISD is dedicated to fortifying and safeguarding the computing environment of the County. The primary objective of this project is to deploy cutting-edge software tools to enhance security and optimize the overall computing security framework of the County. 

Estimated completion: June 2024

Stylized cybersecurity image
Project Description FY 2023–24 FY 2024–25 FY 2025–28 Five Year Total
Cybersecurity Upgrades $5,121,519 - - $5,121,519


Microwave Ring Equipment Modernization

ISD microwave antenna tower

ISD supports the County’s critical Public Safety Radio infrastructure, which is heavily utilized by law enforcement agencies, fire departments, emergency health service agencies, ambulatory services providers, and regional hospitals to provide a unified response to County residents. The Microwave Ring Equipment Modernization project will upgrade the County’s digital microwave system, improve radio communication and data transport functions to take advantage of advancing radio communications features and tools.

Estimated completion: September, 2024

Project Description FY 2023–24 Adopted FY 2024–25 Projected FY 2025–28 Projected Five Year Total
Microwave Ring Equipment Modernization $5,162,694 - - $5,162,694

All Projects Summary

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