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The Department of Public Works (DPW) provides efficient, economical, and responsive infrastructure systems and maintenance; facility engineering, design, development, and maintenance; and utilities and environmental services for the County of San Mateo. These services ensure safe, cost-effective, accessible, and attractive County facilities that benefit the community as well as County employees and clients of County agencies. DPW's projects in the CIP reflect the Board of Supervisors’ ongoing commitment to long-term investment in the County's infrastructure and to provide the highest quality facilities to residents.

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The plan is both a short and long-term plan for the development, maintenance, improvement, and renovation of the County’s infrastructure. The annual investment in the capital program is designed to support all communities in the County through the beautification, rejuvenation, removal of barriers, and enhancement of the County's assets. The assets, primarily comprised of county-owned buildings, roadways, parks, and utility infrastructure, require a variety of resources to maintain their availability to the public. Over the next five years, the need for substantial infrastructure investment is expected to focus on the buildings most needed and accessed by the public with an emphasis on safety and accessibility. Projects included in the five-year DPW CIP include environmental and conservation projects, improvements to public buildings and parks, and projects from the Facilities Condition Index System (FCIS). FCIS provides an annual recommendation of facility projects, funded by Non-Departmental Services, to keep County-owned building infrastructure in safe and operable condition and to maintain and extend the useful life of the facilities.

The building at 555 County Center

The DPW CIP is created in a series of steps that engage various planning documents, infrastructure maintenance, repair plans, and forecasting. Through a “Call for Projects,” departments submit proposed projects. There are many departmental projects in progress, which the Capital Projects Section of DPW (Section) remains committed to completing; however, adding additional departmental improvement projects through a Call for Projects process will prohibit DPW from focusing on some of the overdue facility equipment replacement and general building  improvement/maintenance projects. As a result of discussions with the CEO’s office, DPW will be limiting the department-requested projects for the FY 2023-24 budget to include only projects deemed an emergency. This will allow the Section to focus our resources on closing the gap in our facility maintenance and improvement projects. The maintenance projects include mechanical equipment replacement, roof replacements, parking lot work, flooring, walls, and other “non-critical” building infrastructure that can potentially lead to a facility becoming inoperable. Once a draft list of projects is prepared, a subcommittee of evaluators, consisting of department heads or their designees, provides input and recommends prioritization. The group provides a final recommendation for adoption to the County Executive’s Office, which assigns a source of funding for projects. The projects selected are incorporated into the DPW CIP, and the first two fiscal years are recommended for approval to the Board of Supervisors.

Featured Projects

East Palo Alto City Hall Improvements

The County-owned East Palo Alto Government Center (EPA) is currently undergoing renovation to the building's mechanical systems. Complete replacement of the system has initiated additional improvements resulting in additional upgrades to the facility, such as improved security measures, ceilings, indoor lighting, elevator, and roof replacement.

This project includes improvements to ADA accessibility and improves the ability for the public to utilize local Health, Human Services, Library, City government operations, and other services reducing the need to travel to more remote facilities to obtain these services.

Estimated completion: March 2024

HVAC duct work in East Palo Alto City Hall
Exterior of East Palo Alto City Hall
Project Description FY 2023–24 Adopted FY 2024-25 Projected FY 2025–28 Projected Five Year Total
East Palo Alto City Hall Improvements $12,269,008 - - $12,269,008
East Palo Alto Government Center Backflow Prevention $20,960 - - $20,960
Total $12,289,968 - - $12,289,968

San Mateo Medical Center Prevent Self-Harm and Ligature

This project addresses the patient self-harm and ligature safety concerns in psychiatric units outlined in The Joint Commission’s 2018 risk assessment survey. The project will mitigate patient safety risks by replacing hardware, glass, fixtures, and finishes with ligature, tamper, or impact-resistant alternatives. The project is phased to allow continued occupancy of at least two psychiatric care units at all times. While one phase is under construction patients will be moved to other occupied psychiatric areas that are not under construction.

Previously, this facility presented life safety and accessibility risks as well as Joint Commission violations. This project is designed to improve accessibility, life safety, and prevention of self-harm and ligature risks to those suffering from mental health conditions.

Estimated completion:  April 2024

SMMC Prevent Self-Harm and Ligature Project
SMMC Prevent Self-Harm and Ligature Construction
Project Description FY 2023–24 Adopted FY 2024–25 Projected FY 2025–28 Projected Five Year Total
San Mateo Medical Center Prevent Self-Harm and Ligature $2,582,175 - - $2,582,175


Mirada Road Pedestrian Bridge

This project includes the removal and replacement of the existing pedestrian bridge, soil-nail and reinforced shotcrete retaining wall, construction of a new concrete staircase for beach access, and installation of public amenities including a bench, interpretative sign, trash receptacles and doggie mitt station at a newly created lookout. The bridge will restore a key travel way for the local community, including school children and low-income employees of the local service businesses located in Princeton.

Estimated completion: October 2023

Mirada Road Bridge Construction
Mirada Road Bridge in place
Project Description FY 2023–24 Adopted FY 2024–25 Projected FY 2025–28 Projected Five Year Total
Mirada Road Pedestrian Bridge $2,761,445 - - $2,761,445
Temporary Pedestrian Detour - Mirada Road Bridge $23,721 - - $23,721
Total $2,785,166 - - $2,785,166


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