Phase 2B.jpg

Phase 2B includes the areas surrounding the crossing of the Caltrain and Dumbarton Rail tracks, centered along Middlefield Road (west of 1st Avenue) and Edison Way (west of 5th Avenue). This area is currently characterized by a mix of industrial uses, various commercial uses, housing, and some community facilities. It includes the Redwood Junction industrial/office park, various automobile repair facilities, storage facilities, small local stores, and a variety of other establishments.

The new zoning regulations will implement and be consistent with the land use categories adopted in the North Fair Oaks Community Plan, which designates these areas as Commercial Mixed Use. The goal of the rezoning is to provide a mix of multi-family housing, commercial uses (e.g. general retail, restaurants, pharmacies, and others), and institutional uses (e.g. schools and childcare facilities). Some types of light industrial uses, such as warehouses, storage, industrial office, and other less intensive uses, are allowed, but only through a conditional use permit. 

Planning staff is currently working on Phase 2B rezoning, which is scheduled to be completed in 2019.