The regulations pertaining to the Zoning District in which the property is located will describe the permitted uses for the property, or uses which can be established without a Use Permit. The Zoning District will also describe those uses which are conditionally permitted uses, or uses that can only be established after the issuance of a Use Permit by the County.

A parcel may have only one Zoning District (e.g., “RM”, “TPZ”), may have 2 Zoning District layers (e.g., R-1/S-101) or may have several Zoning District layers (e.g., R-1/S-17/DR/CD). Each “layer” represents a distinct chapter or section in the County’s Zoning Regulations. Typically, the first zoning district layer (e.g., C-1, M-1) describes the allowed uses for the area, with the exception of the C-1/NFO, M-1/NFO, M-1/Edison/NFO districts (among others) which, despite having 2 or 3 layers, are each a singular zoning district. Please review the permitted and conditional uses for the first layer of your Zoning District in the Zoning Regulations. To find the Zoning District that pertains to your property, please go to Find My Zoning, Parcel Map, and Other Property Info. See Zoning Regulations.

If a use permit appears to be required, please visit our Use Permit page and/or contact Current Planning Section staff at the counter or at (650) 363-1825. Planning staff will perform a New Business Zoning Conformance Review upon formal submittal of the completed form, proposed site plan and floor plan (if available), to the Planning Counter.