Because the previous list of Highland Estates Subdivision records got so long that it broke the page, we're now using a "document of documents" rather that a single page. This is done by creating individual batches of documents which will be automatically listed on our project page.

To create a "batch" you'll add a simple web page called a "document item" to our site. You'll do this by filling in a form.

Open the Form

1. Sign in to the Drupal platform.

2. On the admin bar at the top of the page, on the lower gray bar, select "Add Content"

You'll be presented with a list of content types.

3. Select "Document." (Not to be confused with "CEQA Document," which is a different content type.)

A form will appear.

Fill in the Form

Filling out this form and saving it will create the document item. Fill in the following fields:


Add the title. Titles should follow a convention. I recommend:

Highlands Estates Subdivision Administrative Records - (the date range of the documents)

Release Date

The batches will show up on our project page in reverse chronological order. This is the field used to assign the date to the page that will deterimine the order. Fill in the date of the earliest dated document included in the batch.


This is where you add the files that are included in the batch. Click "Choose File" to select a file from your computer's folder system. Make sure to click "Upload" after you've selected it.

Once you've added a file attachment another field will appear below allowing you to add a description. This is the name of the file that will be displayed on the page.

To add more files you'll repeat this process by selecting "Add Another Item" below. 

Site Topic

Use the terms available in these selection boxes to "tag" the document item so that Drupal will know where to display it.

1. Select "Document Terms"

Another selection box will appear right next to "Document Terms."

2. Use the new selection box to select "Highlands Estates Records."

Save the Form and Publish the Page

1. At the bottom of the page (or the top) select "Save."

You'll be shown the new document item you just created.

2. Under the page title select "Publish."

After a few minutes the document item will show up in the list on our project page.