Because of varying procedural requirements in state law and county ordinances, each type of permit may be subject to different processing requirements. We process each permit as quickly as possible while ensuring full compliance with the law. The Development Review Center (DRC) handles permit applications for all unincorporated areas of San Mateo County. If your property is within the boundaries of any incorporated city or town, contact that city rather than the DRC.

For more detailed information about how the DRC will assist you with your project, we suggest you review the publication “A User’s Guide to the San Mateo County Development Review Center”.

Once you are familiar with your project’s requirements, we recommend that you prepare some preliminary plans and bring them to the DRC counter so that we can review them before you submit your application. An informal meeting at this stage may save you considerable time and money later on. The goal of every staff member at the DRC is to help you get your project approved. After seeing very preliminary plans, the counter staff can help you by identifying potential problems and pointing out what kinds of changes, if any, you might have to make. Then you can create your formal plans and submit your application.