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222 W 39th Ave
San Mateo, CA

F&H Construction Taylor Design and Perkin&Will Paul Hundal, Project Manager

The San Mateo County Health Campus is located at Edison Street between 37th and 39th Avenue in San Mateo. The campus, which is in a residential area, houses the San Mateo Medical Center and other County Health Divisions such as the Coroner’s Office, Department of Public Works, and ISD staff. Among the buildings on site include the San Mateo County Health Services Building, constructed in 1952, and the adjacent Hospital Administration Building, constructed in 1954.

This complex multi-phase project is comprised of demolition of seismically non-complaint 1952 and 1954 buildings, construction of a new 87,000 square-foot Administration and Link Buildings, renovation of approximately 35,000 square feet of existing hospital, reconfiguration of the site entrance, and renewed and revised landscaping. The new building among other administrative programs will also house the new Coroner’s Morgue and Offices and a Public Health Lab.

The new campus contributes to the County of San Mateo’s dedication to advancing equity by providing accessible public space through the implementation of ADA parking stalls and service counters, gender-neutral restrooms, outdoor seating areas, and a public cafeteria. Sustainable design include green infrastructure through the creation of a bioswale system, EV charging stations, solar panels to offset energy usage, and an enhanced building energy management system with advanced monitoring capabilities.

The project will achieve certified LEED Silver by the U.S. Green Building Council.