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Volunteer Opportunities

By choosing to volunteer, San Mateo County residents have the opportunity to strengthen their community by connecting with other families, neighbors, and organizations through civic engagement (public service). 

Volunteering is as easy as serving food in a senior center, picking up litter, planting a school garden, reading to a child, or educating families about important programs that can empower their lives.

Make a difference in your community!

Sign up here to join hundreds of volunteers make a difference in their community.   


Get involved, because communities count!

Recent Events Daly City Doorhangers collage

Outreach team at San Bruno Preschool Fair!


Celebrating Lunar New Year 2020 in Millbrae!


Pop-Up Event on 12-06-2019 at the Foster City Rec. Center's Senior Wing!


Mike Nevin Way Ribbon Cutting in Colma 11-16-19


Attendees of the Mike Nevin Way celebration in Colma 11-16-19


2020 Year of the Rat! Lunar New Year Celebration in RWC


Lunar New Year Celebration in Redwood City! 02.01.2020


Pop-up event at Brisbane Library's NYE's celebration!


Pop-up event at Brisbane Library's New Year's Eve celebration!

Hometown-Holidays-2 (1).jpg

Meeting wonderful people at Hometown Holidays in RWC! 12.07.2019


Hometown Holidays in RWC


Makeover in Progress for Our North Fair Oaks Sidewalks!

The Public Works team has been hard at work sprucing up the sidewalks of North Fair Oaks by carefully power washing them. To reduce their impact on traffic and pedestrians who frequent Middlefield Road businesses, the sidewalks have been cleaned overnight from 10pm to 6:00am.  There is still work left to do, and these efforts will continue through 2nd to 7th Avenues. 

We thank the County Department of Public Works for their work in helping beautify North Fair Oaks! 

Want to get involved in beautifying your community? Sign up here to get notified of upcoming volunteer opportunities!  



Improvements to our North Fair Oaks Sidewalks!

Progress being made in our sidewalk cleaning efforts in North Fair Oaks!

Help Keep Our Community Clean!



Who keeps your streets clean and safe in North Fair Oaks?

Roberto Montes (left) and Jose Rico-Ruiz. The duo are newly assigned by the San Mateo County Public Works Department to do everything from planting flowers to cracking down on illegal dumping.

Mr. Montes and Mr. Rico-Ruiz are both deeply familiar with the North Fair Oaks area as well as our community’s needs and challenges. In collaboration with other County Maintenance Workers, the team manages maintenance requests and mobilizes to provide extra support where needed the most. 

We are excited to have them join our community’s beautification efforts!

Road maintenance team

Pictured from left: Jeff Pacini (Road Maintenance Manager), Luis M. Carlos (Road Maintenance Supervisor), Roberto Montes (Road Maintenance Worker) and Jose Rico-Ruiz (Road Maintenance Worker).

If you see any of our team from Public Works, be sure to stop and say hi. Their passion is helping everyone keep North Fair Oaks a clean and beautiful place to live!

before after 5th corridor

May 2019
5th Avenue corridor improvements are underway!
The overgrown vegetation and weeds have been removed and replaced with trees and drought-resistant flowers, there are ongoing efforts to rid the area of litter, and a new entry sign sculpture has been added!


Colma Bart Station powerwashing

Dave Modena (Road Maintenance Supervisor) and the Department of Public Works Crew carefully power washed the steps and handrails leading down from Colma Bart Station onto Mike Nevin Way.  

Their work improved this area’s appearance and eliminated the dirt and waste that had accumulated there.  The difference this effort has made is quite apparent—this area now looks like new!

We thank the Department of Public Works for their work and for helping improve the look of this heavy-transited area!

Please do your part in helping us keep our community clean! If you would like to report any problems (such as illegal dumping, graffiti, or abandoned vehicles) please visit our website to direct your request to the appropriate agency. 

Public Works team power washing the staircase leading to Mike Nevin Way.

Staircase looking like new!

Colma Bart Station powerwashing

Public Works team power washing the staircase leading to Mike Nevin Way.

powerwash-MikeNevinWay4.jpg powerwash-MikeNevinWay6.jpg

Staircase looking like new!