Illegal Dumping Information

Illegal dumping is the act of discarding waste in an improper or illegal manner; for example, throwing trash on the sidewalk or leaving a mattress or furniture on the street. Although this has been an issue in the community for many years, the County of San Mateo envisions a future that is free of litter and illegal dumping. Please continue reading to learn more about this issue and what you can do to keep our neighborhood clean!

Resource Guide to Prevent Illegal Dumping

Do you need to throw away large bulky items, such as mattresses, furniture, or electronics? Not sure how to get rid of them? Our resource guide provides information on what you can do to prevent illegal dumping, such as schedule a bulky item pick up, donate to a local thrift store, or visit the Shoreway Environmental Center. 

County of San Mateo Illegal Dumping Ordinance

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors recently adopted an ordinance that deems illegal dumping and littering against the law, and violations can result in fines up to $3,000. Enforcement of these new regulations will help to deter illegal dumping and littering and clean up our neighborhoods. 

Please click here for more information on the disposal of Hazardous Waste, Illegal Dumping, and Litter:

Report It! SMC

The County of San Mateo launched a new app called "Report It! SMC" which can be downloaded to your smartphone or used on your desktop. The new app allows citizens, residents, and visitors to report illegal dumping quickly and easily. Simply take a photo of illegally dumped items and submit your report from your phone! Once submitted, reports are sent directly to County staff to respond and address the issues. 

“Report It! SMC” empowers residents to report illegal dumping and graffiti in unincorporated areas of San Mateo County. The mobile app allows residents and visitors to report issues quickly and easily. You can even take photos of issues and submit them on your phone. These reports are then forwarded directly to County departments to respond and address.

To use the Web reporting tool above:

Make sure the Report tab is selected. Enter the address or use the map marker to navigate to the area where the issue you want to report is located on the map. (Use the controls in the upper left corner to move the map around the window or zoom in and out.).

Once you have indicated the address or mapped the location of your issue, click next.

Select a service request issue from the drop-down menu. Once you've entered a service request, you can then fill out a more detailed description of the issue and even attach a photograph. After this is complete, create an account where you can earn civic points, however you must enter a valid email address! After you've completed all the fields, press submit to create a public report of your issue!


Illegal dumping and littering violations can result in fines up to $3,000--don't do it!

Thank you, SMC Public Works, for removing hazardous junk from our community!


Did you know there are safe & easy ways to get rid of large, bulky items? Click here to learn more!

Report Problems

Contact the department or agency that can fulfill your request.


Report Damaged Tree

Department of Public Works 650.363.4103 or visit website

Report Shopping Cart

Department of Public Works 650.363.4100 or Report It Here

Report Graffiti

Department of Public Works 650.363.4100

Report Fire, Gas Leaking

If fire hazard, call 911 or call CAL FIRE 831.335.5355

Report Abandoned Vehicles

Sheriff’s Office 650.363.4911 or visit website

Report Street Light Outage

Department of Public Works 650.363.1407

Report Storm Drainage

Department of Public Works 650.363.4103

Report Overflowing Sewer

Department of Public Works 650.363.4100

Report Garbage, Debris on Street or Sidewalk

Department of Public Works 650.363.4103

Report Tree Illegally Cut in Private Property

Code Enforcement 650.363.482

Report Litter, Garbage or Debris on Private Property

Code Enforcement 650.363.4825

Report Odor, Gas Leaking

PG&E 1.800.743.5000 or call 911