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The Project Development Unit (PDU) oversees the County’s new ground-up capital projects, managing all project phases, from master planning and feasibility through design, construction, and move-in.  The PDU’s goal is excellence in design and delivery of modern civic buildings that are inspiring, functional, cost-effective, attractive, and sustainable.

PDU supports the priorities of the Board of Supervisors and the County Manager’s Office through delivery of new construction projects that respond to identified critical safety, service, and operational needs.

Exterior of animal shelter building

Animal Shelter

Collage of the exteriors of three parking structures

New projects are directed to the PDU by the Board of Supervisors and County Manager’s Office. PDU prioritizes projects based on the needs of the residents of San Mateo County, regulatory requirements, and the County of San Mateo’s Shared Vision 2025. Projects dependent upon each other are prioritized to meet required deadlines.

Through the Board of Supervisors' leadership and commitment to providing County services from safe and healthy buildings focused on accessibility for all, PDU was able to complete the Public Safety Communications' Regional Operations Center (ROC) in September 2019. The importance of this project was made apparent when, six months after opening, the facility became the operations hub for the County's Emergency Operations Center in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The state-of-the-art, LEED certified ROC building still serves as the center of emergency operations for COVID-19 and other emergencies including the CZU Complex wildfires, illustrating the importance of the forethought and financial investment in the County's capital improvement program.

The PDU is currently working on 13 projects with a total budget of over $692,000,000 through June, 2026. This ambitious capital program is designed to meet the future needs of County residents and staff, providing facilities that meet the County's needs today and into the future. The following Capital Improvement Plan was developed through several facilities master planning efforts. New facilities will be designed to meet the County’s Green Building Policy (Zero Net Energy) with systems that  reduce operating and maintenance costs. Some projects will be funded through the issuance of lease revenue bonds.

County Office Building 3 (COB3)

The new County Office Building 3 (COB3), located at County Center in Redwood City, will have 5 stories of light-filled and naturally-ventilated office and meeting space for approximately 500 County employees. The building, which will include the Chambers of the Board of Supervisors, will incorporate leading sustainability practices as it will be built using cross-laminated timber, operate at zero net energy, and target LEED Platinum. As part of the project, the portions of Hamilton and Bradford streets running through County Center will become pedestrian plazas dedicated to foot traffic. COB 3 will improve the services provided to residents, consolidate the County work force into owned space, provide a quality workplace environment, and ultimately reduce long-term maintenance and operations costs.

Estimated Completion Date: Q4 2023

Exterior of the Redwood City County Office Building 3
Project Description FY 2021–22 Adopted FY 2022–23 Projected FY 2023–26 Projected Five-year Total
County Office Building 3 (COB3) $260, 440,291 $50,000,000 - $310,440,291


Cordilleras Mental Health Facility

The Cordilleras Mental Health Center will replace an existing 70 year-old facility which serves conserved, dependent adults, with severe and debilitating mental illness.  The new facility, located off Edmonds Road in Redwood City, will replace the large existing facility with multiple new residential facilities to create a smaller scale homelike setting more conducive to patient treatment and recovery. The project will preserve the beauty and serenity of the existing natural environment while providing a safe and attractive setting for patient care and family engagement.

Estimated Completion Date: Q2 2024

Project Description FY 2021–22 Adopted FY 2022–23 Projected FY 2023–26 Projected Five-year Total
Cordilleras Mental Health Facility $157,884,169 - - $157,884,169


The Health Campus project comprises, among other things, renovation of the ground floor of the nursing wing and central plant, demolition of the seismically outdated nearly 70 year-old health administration buildings, and construction of a new administration and link building. The technical demands of health care facilities require special attention to rules and regulations with regard to design, planning, and construction. The importance of the continuous and safe functioning of medical and administrative buildings has been made apparent by the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. Without a safe and reliable built environment in which to provide care, the County's ongoing emergency and medical response would not be possible.

Rendering of the San Mateo Medical Center Campus (SMMC)

The project includes construction of a new morgue facility as well as improvements to the campus landscaping to include a prominent plaza and drop-off area for improved navigation. As part of the project, approximately 300 employees will be relocated off of the heavily impacted site.   

Estimated Completion of All Phases: 2024

Project Description FY 2021–22 Adopted FY 2022–23 Projected FY 2023–26 Projected Five-year Total
San Mateo Medical Center Campus $177,697,880 - - $177,697,880


All Projects Summary

Project Description FY 2021–22 Adopted FY 2022–23 Projected FY 2023–26 Projected Five-year Total
Animal Shelter 80,000 - - 80,000
Parking Structure 2 16,753,826 - - 16,753,826
Skylonda Fire Station 410,130 - - 410,130
Public Safety Communications (PSC) Regional Operations Center (ROC) 4,827,907 - - 4,827,907
Pescadero Fire Station (Planning) 3,330,748 2,000,000 - 5,330,748
Cordilleras Replacement 157,884,169 - - 157,884,169
County Office Building 3 260,440,291 50,000,000 - 310,440,291
Lathrop House Relocation 107,551 - - 107,551
San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC) 177,697,880 - - 177,697,880
Maple Street Homeless Shelter 15,546,902 - - 15,546,902
South San Francisco Health System 252,178 - - 252,178
County Center Courtyard 1,130,539 - - 1,130,539
Tower Road Station 17 1,000,000 1,000,000   2,000,000
PDU Projects Total $639,462,121 $53,000,000 - $692,462,121