San Mateo County's Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) serves County residents with disabilities and other barriers to employment, creating pathways towards self-sufficiency through vocational counseling and assessment, case management, job training and job placement.

For more than 40 years, VRS has partnered with private industry to provide career opportunities for thousands of county residents. Together with our community partners, VRS offers paid training and transitional work experience, hands-on job training, job coaching and mentoring. We are dedicated to enhancing our clients' self-esteem, dignity and job readiness, and creating opportunities for self-sufficiency.

Through the VRS WorkCenter and Catering Connection, our eager workforce provides excellent service, quality and value to our business partners. The WorkCenter production facility, and our fully-equipped Catering Connection professional kitchen, allows individuals to gain skills and prepare for community employment.

For Adults with Barriers to Employment

For Employers and Businesses