San Mateo County is a full service adoption agency, working with birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptive children and adult adoptees.

Services available are:

  • Pre-adoption counseling for birth parents considering adoption.
  • Placement of relinquished children and Dependent Children removed from their parents by the Juvenile Court.
  • Supervision of children placed for adoption until the adoption is finalized.
  • Education group for adoptive parents.
  • Library for members of the adoption triad.
  • Adoption Assistance Program management for eligible children and their parents, including determination of benefits, information and referral and advocacy services.
  • Home Study information for persons interested in adopting is described in Foster Care/Adoption.

Contact the Adoption Unit at 650-595-7615.


Post-Adoption Services are:

  • Information and Referral.
  • Provision of non-identifying medical and background information for adult adoptees.
  • Exchange of non-identifying letters, pictures and information as agreed upon by families.

Contact is arranged between an adult adoptee and birth parent if each has signed a Consent for Contact. Provide information for contact between an adult adoptee and a sibling if both are over 21 years of age and have signed Waivers of Confidentiality. The agency will provide Consents and Waivers if requested, but the agency is prohibited from soliciting the signing.

Contact the Adoption Unit at 650-595-7615.

Group of children with parents

Adoption Education Group