Summary: we verify that you're a qualifying veteran (discharge other than 'Dishonorable' conditions) and we generate a form (VSD-001) that you take to the DMV. 

NOTE: only sign your part of the form when you're in front of an agent at the DMV. 

A. If you're already in our system and have worked with a VSR: call in with your request and we'll generate the form and mail it to you.

B. If you have a VA claim in process elsewhere, or you're service connected already: call in and be prepared to send us a photo of your VA card and/or otherwise prove you're a veteran known to the VA system. Our VSRs may be able to locate your record. If so, we'll mail the VSD-001 to you; if not see section C, below.

C. Veteran with no claims, not known to the San Mateo VSO: we need to see your original DD-214 or certified copy of your DD-214. If you have this document in your possession then go to the above section Document Drop Off and follow the instructions there. If you don't have an original or certified copy of your DD-214, or you know you've lost it, then go here for instructions on how to order an official copy.