721 Airport Boulevard

On September 12, 2023, the Board of Supervisors voted to purchase two hotels, one in Millbrae (1390 El Camino Real) and one in South San Francisco (721 Airport Blvd.). The County sought a North County location that met certain criteria for a permanent supportive housing site. 721 Airport Blvd. is in a mixed residential and commercial area, in proximity to major transportation routes, commercial activities, and County service providers. The Property is currently occupied by Ramada Inn consisting of 45-guest room hotel. 

This comprehensive list of questions was compiled to answer general questions about the site.

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How many people are experiencing homelessness in San Mateo County?

The 2022 San Mateo County One Day Homeless Count and Survey found that 1,808 people in San Mateo County were experiencing some form of homelessness on the night of February 23, 2022.  1,092 of these people (60%) were experiencing unsheltered homelessness staying on streets, in cars, in recreational vehicles (RVs), or in tents. 716 people experiencing sheltered homelessness staying in emergency shelters and transitional housing programs. 

How is the County of San Mateo addressing homelessness?

San Mateo County has identified housing the homeless as a key priority. To reach functional zero in our County, we have identified the need for additional interim shelter and permanent supportive housing. The acquisition of 721 Airport Blvd. supports a “housing” first approach guided by the belief that people need basic necessities like food and a place to live before attending to anything less critical such as getting a job, budgeting properly or attending to substance use issues. 

Why did the County select 721 Airport Blvd. as a site for Permanent Supportive Housing?

The County was seeking a North County location that met certain criteria, including proximity of public transit, good general condition, unit size, and common space to allow for the creation of meeting rooms for onsite supportive services.

Will 721 Airport Blvd. be a homeless shelter?

No, it will be permanent supportive housing.

Who will live at 721 Airport Blvd.?

Residents will be individuals exiting interim supportive housing in the County and will have been evaluated and screened for placement.


Will 721 Airport Blvd. count towards South San Francisco’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation?


Who will operate 721 Airport Blvd.?

Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco will operate the property and provide on-site supportive services.

How will applicants for 721 Airport Blvd. be screened?

The County will conduct a criminal background checks and collect prior landlord references for all referrals.

What services will be offered to residents of 721 Airport Blvd.?

Episcopal Community Services will provide a robust program of services to residents including education and employment services, benefits assistance, physical and behavioral health services, substance use services, and peer support activities.

Will 721 Airport Blvd. have 24/7 staffing onsite?


What is the total cost of acquiring and renovating 721 Airport Blvd.?

The budget for the acquisition and renovation of 721 Airport Blvd. is $15,350,000 which includes $4,350,000 for rehabilitation of the property.

What is the timeline for the acquisition and renovation of 721 Airport Blvd.?

Acquisition is tentatively targeted for late 2023, with renovation beginning in January 2024 and full occupancy by December 31, 2024.

What is the annual operating budget of 721 Airport Blvd. expected to be?

The total annual operating expenses for 721 Airport Blvd. Are initially budgeted at $1,341,000 (ie: approximately $29,800/unit/annum). The median rental for a studio in our County is $29,160 annually.

How will the operating costs of 721 Airport Blvd. be covered?

Tenants will pay rent based on 30% of their actual household income. To supplement the affordable rents, the County will support tenants with housing vouchers.

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