Important note: the following recommendation was approved by the Board of Supervisors on May 16, 2017:

DISTRICT 3 (Supervisor Don Horsley) FY 2016-17 Measure K Request

Sanchez Adobe Historical Site – System Improvement Project 

Transfer $200,000 to the Parks Department

The Parks Department requested Measure K district-specific funds for system improvements to the Sanchez Adobe Historical Site Project in Pacifica. The Appropriate Transfer Request (ATR) in the amount of $200,000 mitigates the project budget gap due to uncontrollable infrastructure needs.

The Sanchez Adobe is operated for the Parks Department by the San Mateo County Historical Association. Special programming is conducted at the Sanchez Adobe to educate visitors and students about California history. In 2005, a master plan for an interpretive center was prepared for the Sanchez Adobe to improve and enhance the educational and recreational uses of the site.

The current design for the interpretive center will require regulatory and code requirements for a fire suppression system. Current requirements will require a water meter and supply line upgrades to 4” for supporting such a system. North County Water does not have an adequate system to supply this requirement, thus the Parks Department is responsible for the upgrade to supply the new interpretive center. The estimate of $200,000 for the system improvements will seriously impact the project budget. This Measure K funding will assist in keeping the project moving forward and allow for fire suppression system compliance.

Total Measure K Request: $200,000

Important note: this is a copy of the official report. Find it here.