The Complete Count Committee led the formation of work groups to help develop localized strategies to maximize opportunities to promote Census 2020 and address expected challenges to a complete count.  Click here for the Strategy Work Group overview document.

Strategy Work Groups met from April until August 2019 and focused on the following areas and deliverables.

Strategy Work Group Focus Areas Deliverables Group Lead
Communications + Media
  • How will we communicate about census to different audiences?
  • What is our creative strategy?
  • How will we use different platforms and channels?
  • Communication Plan
  • Messaging Guide
  • Press Kit
Aparna Ramakrishnan, County of San Mateo, Census 2020
Community Outreach
  • What are the best strategies, approaches, and opportuntities to engage different communities?
  • What materials / resources are needed to support outreach?
  • Outreach Strategy
  • Outreach Toolkit
Georgia Antonopoulous, Thrive, The Alliance of Nonprofits
Elections + Census
  • How can we coordinate elections and census outreach?
  • How do we talk about both without causing confusion?
  • Messaging + Outreach Strategy
Petra Stilton, Thrive, The Alliance of Nonprofits
Recruitment Support
  • How can we support local residents in applying for Census jobs?
  • Recruitment Support Plan
Ka'Ryn Holder-Jackson, ACCEL (Adult Education College & Career Educational Leadership)
Language Access
  • How can we ensure all residents receive census information in the language they can easily understand?
  • How will we provide support for census completion in languages not offered by the Census Bureau?
  • Language Access Plan`
Jasmine Hartenstein, County of San Mateo, Immigrant Services
Technology + Digital Access
  • How can we use technology to engage residents?
  • How can we provide digital access and support to complete the census online?
  • Technology Outreach Strategy
  • Digital Access Plan

Megan Gosch, County of San Mateo, Census 2020

Employer + Small Business Engagement
  • How can we engage employers and small business owners in supporting complete count efforts?
  • Engagement Strategy and Plan
Rosanne Foust, SAMCEDA (San Mateo County Economic Development Association)
Youth Engagement
  • How can we engage youth in encouraging census participation?
  • Engagement Strategy and Plan
Evan Jones, Mid Peninsula Boys and  Girls Club