Photography Services RFQ #OCA 1010

The County of San Mateo seeks qualified Contractor(s) to provide photographic services. 

The County is gathering quotes from interested photography and drone-photography professionals to establish a pool of contractors that can provide services to the County on an on-call/as-needed basis.

This Request for Quotes is open to experienced photography and drone-photography professionals with demonstrated training and experience in professional photo capture and production, and professional photographers who submit quotations should have all equipment necessary including camera(s), drone(s) tripods, lighting, light meters, memory cards, card readers and any other equipment required for general assignments. This also includes all photographic processing/editing and delivery of photographs to the County within one week of date photographs are taken.

On occasion, the County will require photographs to be delivered sooner than the one-week deadline. The County will make requests for early delivery in advance.


RFQ Released: November 10, 2023  12:00 PM PST
Deadline for questions, comments, and exceptions: November 17, 2023  12:00 PM PST sent to
Proposal due date and time: December 15, 2023  12:00 PM PST sent to


Photographic Services RFQ #OCA1010 Documents
  1. Photographic Services RFQ #OCA1010 (.pdf document)  
  2. RFQ #OCA1010 - Attachment A: Cover Letter Template (Word .doc)
  3. RFQ #OCA1010 - Attachment B: Cost Quotation/Budget Template (Word .doc) 
How to Submit

You must submit your proposal by Friday, December 15th, by 12:00 PM PST by emailing all documents to:

Questions Received
  1. Question: Hello, My name is Luigino De Grandis and I’m currently contracted with the County of San Mateo to provide  photographic services since when I applied and qualified back in  September 2022. Wondering if I am supposed to reapply for the new RFQ for Photographic Services even though I am already contracted with the County. Thank you for your consideration.”
    1. Answer:  Thank you for your questions. Yes, you need to reapply for this RFQ as your existing contract has expired.