Christine Ong-Dijcks

Artist Biography

Filipino-Chinese artist Christine Ong-Dijcks offers comfort and fun through her warm, vibrant paintings of places and people and colorful, whimsical images of our wonderfully

complex world. Her work is inspired by the three continents of her life. Her Filipino heritage inspires her to embrace and open her eyes and heart to the beauty of her home on the Philippine island of Negros. Through her family travels she discovers expansive landscapes and skies across Europe and gets inspired by the drama of light and dark in Rembrandt!s paintings contrasted with the fun and playful strokes of Van Gogh. And, living in the Bay Area she sees and captures a unique perspective on globalization, inequality and the impact of technology on our world in bold and creative imagery.

painting of a reflection of a group of people

Throughout her life, no matter where she goes or what she does, she always comes back to art. After graduating from Ateneo de Manila University, she studied Interior Design at the Philippine Institute of Interior Design, re-discovering her love for color and art. After moving to the Bay Area, and teaching herself to paint in oil, she slowly but surely settled on art as a career, fulfilling her life-long dream. 

Christine now focuses on her art full-time. She is a member of the Society of West-Coast Artists (SWA) and has exhibited works at various SWA shows and at a range of other venues and exhibitions across the Bay Area. View her work at, or follow her on Instagram @c_ongdijcks_art

Two Sides of Me puts on display the contradictions of this beautiful but complicated world we live in. Through vibrant colors and rich images, but also distinct perspectives, Ong-Dijck’s art invites viewers to meditate on thought-provoking themes that emerge from living in our contemporary world.

One side of Ong-Dijcks will take you on a journey through colorful landscapes from across the world. You’ll travel under expansive skies in Europe. You’ll spend time on the beach or lake where you can just enjoy being with each other or reflect on life. Most of all, these imagines will bring back memories of travels past and deliver hope that we will soon travel and explore this amazing world, once again.

Painting of a sky over purple and green field

The other side of Ong-Dijcks explores the turmoil of modern society, the deeply disturbing impacts of technology and a global pandemic. It shows the raw desperation of where we as a society are going. It shows the frustration of the impacts of “progress” in sometimes stark imagery.  But then this side of Ong-Dijcks also shows that against all odds there is a sense of optimism and that there somehow must be hope. Hope that we will not destroy our youth and our society. That somehow love will rescue us all.

Through these “Two Sides of Me” Ong-Dijck shares her sense of humor, provocative thinking and appreciation of the world we live in.

Christine Ong-Dijcks Paint
Two Sides of Me by Christine Ong-Dijcks