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Lyrical Opposition (LO) is for the misfits. The voices mainstream society marginalizes, we seek to highlight. It’s an arts organization comprised of poets, musicians, and activists whose mission is social change. Through its artists and strategic partnerships, LO advances social justice and systemic change efforts by cultivating messages of hope that inspire and empower. We serve the community by bringing individuals into spaces with people they would not typically cross paths with to reduce biases and restore communities.

Lyrical Opposition operates as both an artist collective and nonprofit organization that discovers and develops lyrical artists who spread messages of hope that inspire and empower communities towards social change. They serve the lyrical community with three areas of cultivation: artist development, personal development, and professional development. They believe synergy between all three are vital towards social and systemic change. Through artist discovery and development, artists are taken to the next level with the resources needed to thrive as a professional artist and educator.

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