Assistant County Executive Iliana Rodriguez joined the County Executive’s Office in 2017 as a deputy CEO.  She has more than 34 years of experience with the County, including four years as director of the Human Services Agency, a decade as the director of Child Support Services (DCSS) and serving as incident commander for the Emergency Operations Center’s pandemic response. She holds a master of public administration degree and a bachelor’s in sociology, both from California State University, San Francisco. She grew up in Daly City and has called the county home for most of her life.

As the assistant county executive, Iliana’s responsibilities include working with the Center on Homelessness to reach the Board of Supervisors’ goal of “functional zero” and managing countywide and cross-jurisdictional initiatives including the County’s ongoing work with the City of Half Moon Bay on farmworker housing.

Department Assignments:

Child Support; Controller; Health; Housing; Human Services; Treasurer - Tax Collector

Assistant County Executive Iliana Rodriguez
Iliana Rodriguez
Assistant County Executive