Our Mission

Our mission is to increase opportunities for youth to discover and amplify their talents, realize their potential, and impact the world through art and design.

Kids playing in front of a building
Our Values


We are committed to being true to ourselves and our East Palo Alto community. We have unwavering pride in our vibrant cultures, our rich histories, and our artistic expressions. We use art to speak up for who we are and what we believe in.


We believe art has the power to heal and transform. We insist that everyone deserves the opportunity for artistic expression and the growth that takes place when we connect with ourselves and others creatively.


We’ve set the bar high and we will achieve our goals. We attract gifted, culturally competent, and professional artists who teach our youth at the highest level of program standards. We are a “learning organization” in continual pursuit of artistic excellence.

Youth Centric.

We believe that youth are the fabric of our community and our organization. Their voices, perspectives, and experiences are essential ingredients for the success of our goals.


We will embrace everyone who shows up with positive intent. We believe that all youth have a special voice and deserve a safe place to be heard and supported.


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