The following lists projects to maintain and improve selected San Mateo County Parks in the 2015-16 and 2016-17 fiscal years with Measure K funds (as of spring 2017):

Park/Trail Project Budget News and Updates
Coyote Point Recreation Area Beach playground improvements $34,404 Completed
  Lighting improvements $51,066 Completed
  Sewer lift pump maintenance $30,000 In Progress
  Garbage container upgrades $100,000 Planning
  Maintenance shop gutter replacement/painting $22,304 In Progress
  Specialized maintenance tools and equipment $8,915 In Progress
  Electronic pay stations/signage/security/cameras $48,000 In Progress
  Knoll picnic area improvements/paving $25,000 Completed
  Shop window replacement $38,000 In Progress
  Captain's House technology upgrades $49,065 In Progress
  Playground components $10,000 Planning
  Fencing repairs $10,000 In Progress
  Restroom sewer pump $7,107 Completed
Huddart Park Meadow Lawn renovation $50,000 Planning
  Richards Road repairs $2100,000 Planning
  Toyon water line $75,000 Planning
  Pacing Campground Road, other paving projects $500,000 Planning
  Park entrance security $230,000 In Progress
  Toyon shower building renovation $15,598 In Progress
Memorial Park Homestead Youth Camp Septic Repairs $56,499 In Progress
  Fuel storage repairs $9,298 Completed
  Movie system $12,909 Completed
  Generator for water plant $20,000 Planning
  Generator for Wurr Road tank field $10,000 Planning
  Barbecue grills and supplies $12,000 In Progress
  Drinking water pipes $8,000 Planning
  Potable water construction Phase I $9,281 Completed
San Pedro Valley Park Visitor Center renovations $25,000 In Progress
  Weiler Ranch Road Culvert Repairs $28,746 In Progress
  Weiler Ranch Road trout farm rocking $2,676 Completed
  Visitor Center Americans with Disabilities Act improvements $15,000 In Progress
  Trout farm barbecue improvements $15,000 In Progress
  Gatehouse remodel $10,000 In Progress
  Maintenance yard fence repair $22,449 Completed
  Design consulting for Visitor Center lighting $25,000 In Progress
Sawyer Camp Trail Restoom fixture replacement $1,500 Planning