At a Glance

Ensuring veterans receive the benefits they earned is a top priority. The Board of Supervisors has allocated funding from the Measure K sales tax to beef up staffing in the County's Veterans Services Office, protect older adults from abuse and fraud and expand services for isolated seniors, among other services.

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Out of the Service, Eager to Serve San Mateo County

Francisco Oliva is an actor with plays and movies to his credit.

Lisa King left her job to travel and now seeks “fulfilling employment.”

Paul "Hank" Scherf is a certified financial planner with an MBA from Stanford. 

The three seem to have little in common. What they do share is service in the U.S. military and a deep desire to help as members of the inaugural San Mateo County Veterans Commission. Learn more.

Veterans Needs Assessment

With funding from local sales tax proceeds (Measure K), the County of San Mateo worked with partners to learn more about the needs of the estimated 32,000 veterans living in the county and to discover any areas of unmet need. Read the Needs Assessment and find a link to the report.

Elder and Dependent Adult Protection Team

EDAPT is a multidisciplinary team dedicated to three objectives: streamlining and facilitating the investigation and prosecution of elder and dependent adult abuse, coordinating supportive services to victims, and raising awareness through targeted outreach to the community and training for potential responders. Learn more about this new effort to protect older adults from abuse and fraud.


Do you want to know where Measure K tax dollars are being invested?
Check out this chart to view each initiative and to see how local funds are supporting local needs in San Mateo County.