Peggy Jensen lauded for leadership, COVID-19 recovery efforts
December 30, 2021
  • Redwood City —Deputy County Manager Peggy Jensen, a skilled leader who is heading the County’s COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts, is nominated as the County of San Mateo’s second-in-command.

    Jensen’s promotion to assistant county manager awaits approval from the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022.

    Jensen is a 33-year employee of the County who has most recently led the County Recovery Initiative to ensure all residents rebound from the pandemic. As one of three deputy county managers, her assignments also include Home for All, aimed at making housing accessible for residents at all economic levels; ending homelessness; and, promoting Board initiatives that improve the quality of life. In her new role, she will build on her existing work and serve as acting county manager in Mike Callagy’s absence.

    “I am honored that County Manager Mike Callagy has nominated me to be assistant county Manager.  If appointed, I look forward to taking on new responsibilities and welcome the opportunity to continue working with county colleagues and community partners to end homelessness, increase affordable housing and build a better future for all county residents,” Jensen said.

    Callagy nominated Jensen as assistant county manager after a recruitment process during which he said she stood out for her extensive leadership experience, collaboration, innovative thinking and strong communication skills.

    “Peggy has always been an outstanding asset to the County and residents have benefitted from her thoughtful leadership both before and after the pandemic. She is a dedicated public servant with a wealth of experience, and I couldn’t be happier to have her in this new role where she will continue her COVID recovery efforts and expand our work to end homelessness,” Callagy said.

    The Board of Supervisors must confirm the nomination because the assistant county manager is a department head-level position.

    Board President David J. Canepa said Jensen has been a vital component to the County’s response to COVID-19.

    “From the very beginning of the pandemic, Peggy brought together countywide leaders, partners and residents to guide us all toward a stronger and more resilient community. Under her watch, the Recovery Initiative aided in economic, food, shelter and childcare assistance. The Board is incredibly pleased with her nomination,” Canepa said.

    Jensen joined the County Manager’s Office in 1988 as a budget analyst and later led the Family Support Division of the District Attorney’s Office.  In 2000, she was named director of the Department of Child Support Services and in 2007 returned to the CMO as a deputy county manager.

    As one of three deputy county managers, she has built a reputation for jumping in where and when needed, from serving as the temporary director of County Parks to leading the creation of the County’s Office of Sustainability. She is the 2019 recipient of the Women’s Leadership Summit’s Career Excellence Award from the Municipal Management Association of Northern California.

    Jensen holds a degree in government and a master’s in environmental planning and is long-time resident of San Mateo County

    Callagy expects to name a new deputy county manager to fill Jensen’s vacancy in the future.