January 13, 2023
  • With a section of Highway 92 closed to public traffic, Coastside residents may be wondering if the response to 9-1-1 medical calls is affected.

    In preparation for the winter storm, San Mateo County Health’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) division pre-positioned assets and implemented existing contingency plans to prepare for potential storm-related impacts.

    Before the storm, EMS moved an equipment and medical supply cache to the coast. Provided by the state and housed and coordinated by the County, the cache supports local and regional disaster response.

    Emergency Medical Services Director Travis Kusman says that deployment of 9-1-1 ambulance coverage accounts for weather conditions and other barriers to movement, such as road closures.

    “The emergency medical services response system adapts before, during and after the storms to address their impacts, to make sure that all county residents, no matter where they live, continue to have 9-1-1 medical response resources available,” he said.

    A robust local emergency medical response system exists on the Coastside, with American Medical Response (AMR), the county’s provider of ambulance services, and CalFire, routinely deploying assets for search and rescue, traffic collisions, and other incidents.

    Highway 92 traffic is impeded frequently as crowds descend on the coast annually for Fourth of July festivities, the Pumpkin Festival and on any number of warm summer days.

    “Paramedics and EMTs have many routes to get to the residents who need them,” Kusman said.

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