How a team of medical professionals works together to help patients recover from COVID-19
June 5, 2020
  • county of san mateo joint information center
    "We know that I, Lt. Reynolds, a NICU nurse, don’t have the ability to cure coronavirus. But what I do have the ability to do is place value on these patients and treat them with dignity and respect." – U.S. Army Lt. Olivia Reynolds of the California National Guard Medical Detachment.

    San Mateo County Health’s Emergency Medical Services Division with the support of state and federal partners led the establishment of an Alternative Care Site where patients receive medical care while recovering from COVID-19.

    Located at a local hotel, the site allows local hospitals and other medical facilities to devote their resources to acute and critical care. San Mateo County’s site was the first of its kind in California to be operational in response to COVID-19.



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