September 15, 2023
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    Maybe you have a friend or a loved one who talks about feeling hopeless or has intense anxiety. Or they increasingly take drugs or alcohol or both, paired with mood swings and risky behavior.

    You want to help. But how?

    The County this month is offering free two-hour workshops with the theme, “Be Sensitive, Be Brave for Suicide Prevention.” San Mateo County Libraries is hosting a series of workshops provided by County Health.

    What is covered:

    • Identify signs of suicide
    • Ask if someone is considering suicide sensitively and confidently
    • Connect individuals with the appropriate support
    • Approach suicide prevention in a culturally sensitive manner

    Workshops are open to everyone high school age and above. Registration is required.

    Note: Teens may be able to receive service credit for attending the trainings, depending on their schools' guidelines.

    Learn more and register.

    The workshops are among numerous events and courses offered during September, which is Suicide Prevention Month in San Mateo County.   

    “We can all help prevent suicide,” said Jei Africa, director of the County’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services. “Research shows that acknowledging and asking about suicide in a supportive and caring way may reduce suicide risk. This is the reason why we focus on efforts to educate the community about the warning signs of suicide but more importantly on how to connect folks to appropriate resources.”

    Learn more about Suicide Prevention Month.

    If you know someone who is in suicidal crisis or emotional distress, get 24/7 free confidential crisis support: Call 988 (the suicide and crisis lifeline) or 650-579-0350 or text 988.