Local Funds for Local Needs

Measure K is a half-cent, countywide sales tax extension approved by San Mateo County voters in 2016. The Board of Supervisors allocates funds from Measure K to maintain and upgrade our parks, enhance early learning opportunities to close the achievement gap, expand access to quality health and mental health care, build and protect affordable housing, promote public safetysupport seniorsdisabled individuals and veterans and improve the quality of life for all.

On this page you will find a map that highlights programs, services and projects funded in whole or in part with funds from Measure K for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 fiscal years.

In addition, you will find a list of one-time Measure K-funded grants approved by the Board at the recommendation of District 1 Supervisor Dave Pine

One-time community grants:

Note: At the beginning of each two-year budget cycle the Board of Supervisors designates a pool of funds from Measure K that can be invested to meet specific and unanticipated community needs. District 1 Supervisor Dave Pine recommended, and the Board approved, funding the following initiatives from this pool:

Enhanced Flood Control Program: $500,000: This grant will be used by the Flood and Sea Level Rise Resiliency District during its start-up phase. Approved June 2019.

Introduction to the Trades: $100,000. This grant to the San Mateo County Union Community Alliance supports a program that introduces residents to rewarding careers in the construction trades. Approved June 2019. 

Heart Safe Schools: $78,000. The South San Francisco Unified School District will use these funds to install 43 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at 20 sites and provide training to staff members. Approved May 2019.

Fire Safety: $140,000. This grant supports efforts to fund projects related to the County's strategy to reduce the risk of wildfire. These efforts include identifying evacuation zones and reducing fuels. Approved March 2019.

Sojourn Project: $50,000. This grant to the nonprofit Sojourn Project supports efforts to teach local students about the civil rights movement and to become inspired to take action against injustice. Approved March 2019.

Expanding Child Care: $50,000. This grant supports efforts by the Child Care Coordinating Council to address a shortage of child care and preschool spaces in San Mateo County. Approved March 2019.

Millbrae Restoration: $500,000. This grant to the City of Millbrae contributes to a large project to restore and build a new recreation center following a large fire that destroyed the original center in July 2016. Apporved March 2019.

Peer-to-Peer Counseling: $15,000. The National Alliance on Mental Illness of San Mateo County operates successful peer counseling programs that support clients in recovery and integration into the community. This grant supports those efforts. Approved January 2019.

ADA Improvements: $25,000. This grant to the Highlands Recreation District provides funds for the construction of ramp and a new bathroom building and other work that will improve access to an existing building. Approved December 2018.

Health Screenings: $50,000. San Francisco Hep B Free offers free health screenings for hepatitis.This grant provides funds for screenings, outreach and education in San Mateo County. Approved September 2019.

Habitat Restoration: $75,600. Sign Hill, geographically located in South San Francisco and geologically a part of San Bruno Mountain, is home to more than 70 endangered and ecologically critical species of botanical life. This grant appropriates a two-year total of $75,600 -- $37,800 in Year 1 and $37,800 in Year 2 -- in Measure K grant funding to restore and maintain the Sign Hill habitat. Approved July 2018.

Health and Fitness: $67,500. This Measure K grant provides funds so that children at two San Bruno elementary schools could participate in physical education courses in the 2018-19 school year that are vital for healthy growth and development. Approved July 2018.

Fire Safety: $40,805. This grant to LifeMoves, a local nonprofit agency dedicated to ending homelessness, contributes to the installation of a new fire protection system at Redwood Family House, which provides temporary housing for families. Approved January 2018.

Health Screenings: $50,000. A Measure K grant to San Francisco Hepatitis B Free provides funds to raise awareness about hepatis with an emphasis on reaching the Pacific Islander community and free screenings. Approved July 2017. 

Health and Fitness: $67,500. This Measure K grant provides funds so that children at two San Bruno elementary schools could participate in physical education courses in the 2017-18 school year that are vital for healthy growth and development. Approved June 2017.

Connections to College: $10,000. Los Hermanos and Hermanas Connection to College is a program to prepare Latino youth for college with academic support and mentoring. Measure K funds support expansion of the program in the South San Francisco Unified School District.  Approved June 2017.

A Park for All: $25,000. This grant to the Magical Bridge Foundation goes toward the purchase of "retreat huts" for children at what will become the county's only fully inclusive playground for all abilities. Approved 2017.

Summer Lunches: $15,000. Children from families with low incomes often go hungry during the summer, when school-based lunch programs are not operating. This grant to local nonprofit CALL Primrose expands participation in a summer lunch program for low-income residents. Approved June 2017.

Assistance for Millbrae: $250,000. This grant to the City of Millbrae assists in the installation of a new, temporary community center to replace the city's center that was destroyed by fire. Approved April 2017.

Remembering Our Past: $250,000. This grant contributes funding to the Tanforan Assembly Center Memorial Committee, which plans to build a memorial to Japanese Americans who were held in an internment camp in San Bruno at the outset of World War II. Approved June 2016.

Dental Health: $30,000. This contribution to the San Mateo Dental Health Coalition helped to fun the development of the County's Oral Health Strategic Plan. Approved June 2015.

Library Improvements: $500,000. Measure K funds supported a major project that led to the complete renovation of the century-old Grand Avenue Branch Library in South San Francisco. Approved June 2015.


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