The County of San Mateo is home to people of all backgrounds, including those who were not born in the United States, but now call it home. In fact, about ONE out of THREE residents in our county is an immigrant. Immigrants form a significant part of our population and are a key part of our county's growth.

The County of San Mateo values all its residents regardless of where they were born, how they look, what language they speak, or their immigration status. This page is dedicated to hearing the stories of our immigrant residents, and how they decided to make San Mateo County their home.

Share your story!

Immigrants, your remarkable stories matter. Millions of people come to live in the United States, but each one of your journeys is unique. We want you to tell us your story of how you got to San Mateo County. Share your experiences, challenges, and triumphs with us. Let's celebrate diversity, foster understanding, and inspire others. We want to hear from you! 

The form below can accept photos. Please only include yourself in the photo, and we would prefer it be a headshot (only from your shoulders and up). 


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