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400 Middlefield Road,
Redwood City CA
Truebeck Construction Watry Design

Sam Lin, Interim Director

The new seven-story 345,100 square foot parking structure includes 1,022 parking stalls and meets the parking needs of the new County office Building 3 and other facilities in the County Government Center located in downtown Redwood City. It features a metal screen façade that masks the building allowing it to blend into the context of its surroundings. With the support from the Peninsula Clean Energy Electric Vehicle Ready program, the structure includes 124 EV charging ports with sufficient infrastructure to allow for expansion of that capacity to accommodate more EV charging ports. With the solar panels, the Parking Structure operates at Net Zero Energy with excess energy generation used to offset energy usage at other County Government Center facilities. Other sustainability features include sustainable building materials such as green infrastructure and 36 bicycle parking stalls.

The new parking structure contributes to the County of San Mateo’s dedication to advancing equity by providing accessible public space through the implementation of 25 ADA parking stalls and 2 elevators.

In the effort to promote and amplify arts and culture throughout the County, the parking structure includes a Public Art installation called “Hubcaps”. Hubcaps, brings a sense of whimsy and creates a welcoming entrance for users of the facility. Consisting of 1,000 hubcaps applied to a large spherical structure, Hubcaps elevates an everyday parking garage experience by bringing a bit of fun and playfulness to the environment.