Your Vital information

Communication, Relationships, Identity, Valuables

An out-of-state emergency contact person can help you in two important ways: storing your vital documents and helping you communicate with loved ones during emergencies.


Checklist for Communication and Relationships
  • Local phone lines, cordless, and cell phones may not work. Plan ahead and take the following steps to prepare:
  • Designate an out-of-state contact person that everyone will contact after an emergency.
  • Give your out-of-state contact person a list of the other important people to contact with updates.
  • Give every member of your family an emergency contact card and a prepaid phone card to carry with them at all times.
  • Use your emergency out-of-state contact person to help reunite separated family members and communicate special medical needs of family members.


Checklist for Vital Documents

Make a backup copy of all your identity cards and vital documents that could be lost in a fire or other disaster. Store them with your out-of-state contact person or in a safety deposit box.

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Driver's license
  • Social Security number
  • Bank account information and stock/bond certificates
  • Will and other legal papers
  • Medical data, allergies, medications/dosages, doctor contacts, and health history
  • Deed or mortgage documents
  • Insurance policies and cards
  • Inventory and photographs of your valuables (prints or on a CD)
  • Family photos for identification purposes (prints or on a CD)
  • Any other document that would be difficult to replace (auto pink slips, adoption papers, etc.)


Checklist for Valuables
  • Work with a family member or friend to inventory and take photographs or a video tape of your valuables.
  • Make duplicate copies of the inventory list, photos, or video tape.
  • Store your inventory and photos with your vital documents out-of-area or in a safe deposit box.
  • Check with your insurance company to see if they have any inventory requirements.


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